Sunday, June 2, 2013

Women For Women 5k/10k

On Saturday May 18th, 2013 I ran in the Women for Women 5k/10k. When deciding if I was going to do this run I battled with my inner scaredy cat, I also ask for encouragement from my Team RunDisney friends! This 5k/10k goes over the Lake Worth bridge in Lake Worth, Florida. I have a minor fear of bridges. The bridge is ok its the see through grate that peers down to the intercostal below that scares the crap out of me. Hey when I was a kid my sister tripped on those evil see through death traps, so of course I have a little fear of them! So with a little help from my friends (I love you Team RunDisney)! I decided it was time to face my fear! I signed up for the 5k with my sister (yes she wasn't happy about crossing the evil tripping death trap either) and my mom.

We got to the 5k early on Saturday morning it was starting right on the beach so we hung out, got pictures and enjoyed the view. Big Shout out to we wore our sparkle skirts because it was a women's based event so why not look our best! or in my moms words "if I cant run fast at least we can look good doing it" (this was a joke she told a runner that screamed love your skirts while running past us).

Sunrise was beautiful!

 This is my Why are you taking pictures of our BUTTS face! (I like having fun taking pictures!) You know you love our Sparkle!!
After taking pictures of the beautiful sunrise and some crazy faced pictures it was time to get in the crowd of 1000 and get ready to run. It was kind of a funny feeling being with 1000 women compared to 24,000 at the Princess Half! So we took off. We decided to not start our 1/1 ration until we hit the bridge we kept up with the crowd to make it over the bridge.
 This amazing shot was taken by my dad of all of us going over the bridge.
It was the most amazing sight seeing that many people running over a bridge together. Then we were at the top of bridge where the evil grate was. I waited a second until it was clear of people and took off running as fast as I could. Telling myself don't look down don't look down! Then we were over and I felt better! I made it over! so we continued on went through the local neighborhood in Lake Worth. It was great! people were out in chairs cheering us on. Some had their car radios on. There was only  one creepy guy but that was expected. Along the course they had people dressed up, there were a group of guys in coconut bras (this is something they have every year). photo.JPG I stayed with my mom until about mile 2 and then asked her if I could "run my own race" she said of course and I paid less attention to if we were sticking together and more on just running how I felt. Then it was time to make the second trip over the bridge on the return home. As I was going over the part that is not my favorite I saw someone looking down the middle to look at the water this of course gave me heart palpitations (fear of heights) and then to make matters less fun the kid that was running next to me stumbled over the grated part! Talk about having a freak out! I was concentrating on not looking down and then she stumbled and I was like holy crap I don't think I can stop to help her. But luckily she did not fall!!!! so I made it back over the bridge and am SO very happy!! I faced the fear, and made it. I made it to the finish at 43:16 on their clock but my chip time was 42:16 I PRed from my last 5k by 17 seconds a mile. Which felt great thanks to that double bridge and heat. I had a lot against me but pushed past it. Oh ya and firefighters give you your medal when your done! that's them got mine from the tall one.
Here are some finish photos.....
Would I run the Women for Women again? yes, The race was a lot of fun! There are only a few things that make me not want to do the 10k next year. Number 1 the HEAT yup its May in FL and it is really hot out! Number 2 They start at 7 so by then the sun is up there is no lets get half of it done before the sun heats up. Number 3 they have the 5k and 10k begin together. This happened at my first 10k I did. I don't like this! I think the people doing the 10k should be able to start before the 5k people. There are always less doing the 10k so being stuck behind 5k people sucks for them. Also for the slower people like me the crowds wouldn't be totally over standing around and cheering by time the 10k people got done (my parents and sister were the only ones cheering me on at my 10k, and of course the kid of the guy behind me who was yelling at his dad that he was almost there). Also the food and drinks wouldn't be gone for those who just did more miles. Just how I felt from my first 10k experience. All in all I had fun and would do it again. And we clocked it over the bridge its a half a mile over one way, so a mile over and back.


  1. Looks like a fun race. I hate running over the grates on bridges too (Gate River Run has them!). Awesome job!