Wednesday, July 17, 2013

InkNBurn tank and handheld

After seeing posts on twitter about the athletic apparel company InkNBurn I decided it was time to stop drooling over their gear and finally invest some money into them. I ordered the Rock and Roll tank top and the Sakura handheld

The tank top is very comfortable. I thought the sizes run a little small but I didn't measure myself before buying. I usually wear an extra large in my running tops so that they are a little baggy. I got the extra large in the tank and it was a little snug (not in a bad way). It isn't super tight but I would have liked it to not hug my middle section so much. With that being said, while wearing it on my run I did not notice that it was hugging me a bit. It was extremely comfortable! I was a little worried that it would ride up but it didn't. I hardly noticed that I was wearing it. Which I would say is a very good thing since some of my other running shirts I am continually pulling down or fighting with. Their shirts are also amazingly visually appealing! It never hurts to have running gear that is comfee and looks good. I will be ordering another one eventually, at this time I do not have the funds for another one. Their gear is a little pricy but ill talk more about that later.

And now for the Handheld!

By far my favorite piece of running gear that I own!!!!
I was extremely hesitant when ordering the handheld. It is 40$ which seemed like a lot of money, but now that that I have it it was well worth every penny. I was using a Ifitness handheld and my hand always seemed hot and my hand would be soaked from the condensation. The InB handheld doesn't have that problem my sports bottle is completely covered. My drink stays cooler a little longer, and no condensation on my hand. My hand does still sweat but not as bad as it use to. There is a little pocket on the handle that is perfect for a key.

There is also a front pocket that can hold my IPhone 4s (without a case) it would also be perfect for GU or any fuel that you use during your run. I was a little worried about the front pocket at first because it is a flexable material but I have been using it for a few months and have found no problems. It seems to be very durable, even with keys pocking the bottom of it. It also keeps my phone dry. I was running around Ft. Wilderness in Walt Disney World and got poured on and my phone stayed dry. There's a thumb hole which I don't use for my thumb. I cut a face cloth in half and use the thumb hole to hold it. This makes it so that I can wipe sweat without having to carry a towel in my hand the whole time.
The handheld doesn't come with a bottle but you can buy theirs. I didn't I use a bottle I found at the store. The handheld fits slimmer bottles (I am sure it would stretch to fit thicker ones but the 21oz bottle I have fits perfectly). My Nuunhydration bottle fits perfectly in it. I would recommend this handheld bottle to anyone. I love it! I am really glad I bough it.
I really want to try their camisole's and really really want to try their running skirts! I am very picky when it comes to running skirts! but I will have to save up those two products are a little more pricey then others. But their products are made in the USA and are high quality! They are also a great company! The post office lost my package and they did everything they could to keep me updated on what was happening to find it. The post office did eventually find it (was shipped to another address with the same numbers as mine).  
Do you have a favorite item from InkNBurn?
I was not asked to write this blog post by InkNBurn. I was not given the items. I bought both of the items myself and wanted to share what I thought.