Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Running Playlist

I am totally a runner that needs music during a long run. I enjoy the escape the music gives. I fear that if I weren't listening to music I might listen to that evil voice in my head that says your going how many miles today. So here is a list of my favorite songs to listen to on my run.

Power Songs!

This list are songs that get my feet moving a little faster when they play. They are in order of my favorites.

1. My Song Knows What You Did In The Dark(Light um up)- Fall Out Boy (if you haven't listened to this on a run I would say do it, I could probably PR by putting it on repeat. OoO I need to try that!)
2. Dig A Little Deeper- The Princess And The Frog Soundtrack (you listen to mama odie and dig a little deeper it will give you the metal boost you might need)
3. Titanium- David Guetta
4. Fire Burning- Sean Kingston
5. Run Away Baby- Bruno Mars

For A Happy Run
A few weeks ago I downloaded the soundtrack to Walt Disney Worlds Fantasmic to my Ipod nano. I have never been so happy during a run. I even started to tear up (what not like you have never teared up during the fireworks or fantasmic). If your having a bad run try turning on a Disney soundtrack (if you enjoy Disney) it might make you smile more during your run. Come on how could you not smile listening to Journey Into Imagination! oh ya you know your singing---- Imagination a dream can be a dream come true with just that spark     from me to you :).
My Playlist
Here's the other songs on my playlist. Some make me smile. Some make me laugh. Some just distract me. Some are encouraging. These are in no particular order (some are slower, I usually listen to them in the beginning of my run to save energy for the end).
Go The Distance- Hercules Soundtrack (warning this make me tear up too! Don't judge!!!)
Closing Remarks- Leading The Heroes
Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer
Stronger- Kelly Clarkson
She Wants To Move- N.E.R.D
Starlight- Muse
Real Gone- Cars Soundtrack
Life Is A Highway- Cars Sountrack
Make Damn Sure- Taking Back Sunday
Time Is Running Out- Muse
Attack- 30 Seconds to Mars
Rock That Body- Black Eyed Peas
Hall Of Fame- The Script
Catch My Breath- Kelly Clarkson
Something I Want- Tangled Soundtrack
Don't Stop Believin- Journey
Ever Ever After- Jordon Pruitt
What It Is To Burn- Finch
Sweetness- Jimmy Eat World
Bye Bye Bye- NSYNC 
Get Low- Flo Rider
Eye Of The Tiger- Survivor
Don't Stop The Music- Rihanna
Blow- Kesha
Locked Out Of Heaven- Bruno Mars   
At The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet- Head Automatica
Right Round- Flo Rider
Fergalicious- Fergie
The Red- Chevelle
Misery Business- Paramore
Walk This Way- Aerosmith
The Boys Of Summer- The Ataris
Fat Bottom Girls- Queen
I hope you've found a least one new song to add to your playlist. I love finding new running songs. Do you have a favorite song to run to that I didn't put on my list?


  1. Love the suggestions. I need to expand my playlist as I'm getting into longer runs in my training and I love some of the songs listed here. I want more tracks that work well without being from a "running" CD where the songs are either covers or the original with a sometimes annoying beat laid underneath.

  2. I found you via the run Disney twitter chat! I love finding fellow runDisney bloggers. And I'm ALWAYS looking for new music. I'm going to check out some of your music. :)