Monday, June 3, 2013

Pre-run Habits

So before each run I have certain habits that I do. Some could call them weird but others may say oh crap maybe I should do that too. I always lay out my running clothes the night before. This makes it so I don't have to wonder what I am wearing for my run in the A.M. Even if you don't do it for long run days always do this for race days! then you won't forget things. Oh I also always put my NUUNhydration in the fridge the night before so that it dissolves all the way and its ready to go in the morning. I always run with my NUUN now it helps me stay hydrated in the hot South Florida heat. If you have never tried NUUN I recommend you go try it. I don't run without it now! its the greatest thing I have found! ok back to my habits. 

Before my long runs (weekend runs longer then 4 miles) I always take a shower. WHY DO YOU SHOWER BEFORE SWEATING???? yes I have gotten this question, mostly from family members. Well I will tell you why! There are a couple of reasons why I shower before a run. The first reason is to shave! I hate hair, especially hair on my legs it's itchy and annoying! So before my long runs I get up drink a cup of coffee (ill explain more on the coffee later) and then go take a shower. The second reason is if your like me I am the runner that has to be up for over an hour before I run. It sucks I am not a get up and go runner (my sister is and I sometimes hate her for it, ok not really). Some runners are, some aren't. My body and mind need time to wake up before a long run. So showering wakes me up! its how I wake up daily so why not wake me on a long run day. Now back to the coffee. I drink it before I take a shower so that my digestive system has time to process *Wink Wink*. After coffee, shower, and applying my Kttape, ok another product love I love my Kttape! it helped me get through my first half marathon and all of my longer training runs. I have bad knees, so I always wear it on my knee. I also at the beginning of running had bad ankles and my foot use to rub strange at the ball. Kttape helped with all of my issues! its amazing! If you have problem areas try it on them.

 Now I am almost ready to run, I eat my cliff bar, drink water and usually after that if I haven't already I am then able to "use the bathroom". Yup this process seems to work for me. These are the habits that I have developed over my year of running. I cant believe I have been running for almost a year! it went by SO fast!

Any habits that you find yourself doing before each run? Are you weird like me and shower before you run?

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